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Christer Østergaard

Christer Østergaard

"Wavekit is an elegant combination of sound quality, ease of integration, and reliability. It caters perfectly to the needs of any audio professional. I've used Wavekit since it was in beta and have landed several projects during this time with the Wavekit player as an essential component."

Francesco Coia Music

Francesco Coia

"A composer's dream for seamless audio integration. Unbranded, lightning-fast, and user-friendly. Ensures top-notch audio quality without compromise."

Smooth Beats Only

Alex Fraser

"I've been looking for someone to create this for years. I've bounced between various audio hosting platforms and web players, yet never quite found the right mix of power, privacy and ease of deployment.

Wavekit has solved this conundrum. It sounds great, can be integrated in minutes by anyone with a bit of HTML knowledge and is well supported by its developer. Thank-you!"

Tim Prebble

Tim Prebble

"Thanks for a great service! Happy to host all my HISSandaROAR previews (& soon some music!) with Wavekit"

Dan Stein

"I have a lot of confidence in the security of my files under your care."

Stosh Tuszynski

Stosh Tuszynski

"I didn't realize what I was missing before I found Wavekit. It's everything my sound effects store needs, without the bloat that other services have."



"Wavekit is awesome. Fast, minimalistic, and great-looking audio player. If you’re looking for a quick and hassle-free way of integrating audio into your website, Wavekit is a great choice. The developer is reliable and responsive which is also a big plus. All of this at a very affordable price! I highly recommend Wavekit."

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