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Showcase your work online and amaze future clients

€14 EUR

Per year
Regular price €20 per year
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  • 10 hours of audio storage
  • 320kpbs + lossless FLAC
  • Up to 30 mins per file
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Best way to add demos to your catalog of audio products

€70 EUR

Per year
Regular price €100 per year
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  • 100 hours of audio storage
  • 320kpbs + lossless FLAC
  • Up to 30 mins per file


For high-scale apps that require a custom integration with Wavekit

Coming soon
  • Painless migration
  • Custom-made player
  • Custom limits

Features for all plans

Customizable unbranded player
Our default player is highly customizable. See some player demos here.
Audio files can be updated
You can update an audio file and the URLs and IDs will be preserved
Unlimited views and plays
No limits on how many times your player can load or an audio flie can be reproduced
Cloud backup
Your uploaded files are be backed up in the cloud and available for download at any time
Lossless FLAC (coming soon)
FLAC streaming is optional and can be enabled per audio file
Sharing URLs
Audios and playlists have a unique public URLs that can be shared with others. Here's an example.
Batch upload
Upload up to 50 files at once.
Anonymous player metrics
Visual embed code generator
Privacy-focused player
Our player is GDPR compliant. It doesn't store personal information, use cookies, or track your visitors.
API (coming soon)
High performance
When cached, your players and audio content will be served close to your users
Lightweight player
Our player is the lightest of all audio hosting services. See how we compare.
Use your own player
You can use the MP3 URL in your own player
No lock-in
When deleting your account we will make all your content and information available for download

Frequently asked questions

You can upload any type of audio content as long as you're the rights holder or have written permission to use it.

See our content uploading guidelines for more information and the supported file types.

Yes, absolutely. Just contact us and we will create a custom plan to fit your needs.

Wavekit is not a social media network and does not provide monetization features for artists. We're entirely focused on hosting audio and providing an amazing player.

Many of our users use both SoundCloud and Wavekit accounts for different purposes.

See this article for a more detailed comparison.

The files you upload are securely stored in a private cloud service.

The encoded files (MP3 and FLAC) are publicly available on the internet but we have some measures in place to prevent direct downloads from browsers, extensions, utilies like cURL, etc.

Keep in mind that all audio being reproduced in a computer can simply be recorded. If protecting your content is extremely important you could add an audio watermark and/or only make it available on private pages.

Yes. Our player uses standard HTML tags and can be embedded in any website.

Yes. After you cancel, your Wavekit plan will keep working until the paid period ends.

If you wish to delete your Wavekit content before the period expires, just contact us.

We use Stripe to process our payments which supports all major cards in the world. PayPal is not available yet.

See all frequent questions