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It's customizable

Wavekit's player was designed from the start to fit your website. Make it yours by customizing colors, picking different player types, and many other settings.

Easy to embed

Generate the HTML embed code with a few clicks. Then simply copy and paste the result into your website. It works with any website.

Audio player embed tool

We have playlists too

Of course you can create playlists and embed them just as easily as single audio files.

And more!


Our player is not an ad for our service. It just plays audio. Crazy huh?

Lightweight and fast

Our player is one of the fastest in the market. See how we compare.

Privacy focused

No cookies. No user tracking. GDPR compliant. No cookie banner consent.

Anonymous metrics

We collect optional anonymous metrics that can be disabled per-player.


Our player will fit in multiple layouts and devices.

Volume control

One little feature that can make all the difference to pros in studios.

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